Are you looking for something a little different, above and beyond what you have seen before? I offer professional photography for the client who is looking for more than just the average image. 

I work like a weird, creative, funny little photo ninja. I capture the tender, special, and magical moments by being quick, being efficient, and helping bring a bit of lightness and fun to the shoot. What sets me apart from others is I will make you look good because I will make you feel good! Laughter and fun is a big part of what I offer. 

I want to do something unique and interesting, special, and something only we can create together! I can set up pretty much anywhere and create a mobile studio in your home, in the woods, at a park, or wherever we find ourselves. 

I have shot weddings, magazine covers, editorials, portraits, headshots, engagement parties, special events, nature scenes, production stills for video projects, and I have been published throughout Canada in national marketing campaigns. 
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